Ex-Blocker Plugin: Remove Your Ex From The Planet…Or At Least The Internet!

You can’t eradicate an ex from your past, but thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, erasing them from the Internet just got a whole lot easier!

The tech genies at JESS3.com (via Bloggasm.com) have created a Firefox and Chrome plugin called “Ex Blocker,” an application which allows users to remove their ability to look at exes’ online profiles — ie: Facebook and Twitter — and also scrubs all mentions of the former flame’s name from the web entirely.

Drawing on the popularity of a Firefox tool developed in May to remove all traces of teen star Justin Bieber from the ‘Net, “Ex-Blocker” evaluates web pages, blogs, and social networking profiles and eliminates all mentions of the former object of your affection.

Think of it as anti-trolling device for potential stalkers.

JESS3.com writes: “Ever had an ex that made your stomach turn but couldn’t stop looking up his or her Facebook profile? In the digital age, it seems harder to avoid your ex online than it would be if you still shared an apartment. Short of performing a lobotomy on one’s brain, resisting the urge to lurk on their internet presence proved to be quite the challenge….Until now, that is…His cute hair and perfect smile, along with his smelly feet, inability to hold down a job, and embarrassing table manners can now not only be barred from your memory but from every aspect of your activity online. So even if he starts dating, say, one of the Kardashians, you can still read your favorite gossip blogs daily without being reminded of what once was.”

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