Evening Crunch Crumbs: Teddy Riley Attacks Daughters; Lindsay Lohan Expands Fashion Line; Diddy Offers Free NYE Rides Home

-Break out the earplugs, Flavor Flav takes autotune to another level with his heartfelt love song “I’ll Never Let You Go.” Maybe he should stick to the VH1 chitlin’ circuit……..

-Teddy Riley — a pioneering producer of the New Jack Swing-era of ’90s R&B — is accused of beating his teen daughters with a guitar from the Rock Band video game…..

-Bennifer has been voted the “Worst Celebrity Couple of the Decade…..”

-For those who care: One day, Denise Richards “will spill her guts about EVERYTHING….”

-A former Ohio police chief has been sentenced to two years in prison in connection with a break-in at the home of the Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick surrogate…..

-Brooke and Charlie fight to save their fractured marriage. Yeah, good luck with that…..

-The JoBros, Dunzo?

-An aspiring web developer ends up living on the streets of San Francisco…….

-Say buh-bye to Central Park’s Tavern On The Green…..

-Despite her critically-panned line of pasties for Ungaro, Lindsay Lohan is expanding her leggings line to include other articles of clothing…..

-The car featured in the Back To The Future movies is for sale on eBay……

-Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Sam Worthington have joined the list of celebrity presenters at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards……

-Diddy’s offering drunkards in NYC and Vegas a free ride home this New Year’s Eve…..

Complex’s Top 25 Sports Moments of 2009…..

-Colin Farrell’s newborn son has been baptized in Poland….

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