Evening Crunch Crumbs: Bruce Springsteen Gets Ellis Island Award; Archie Comics Introduces First Gay Character; 7-Eleven Beer?

-The Tribeca Film Festival opened in Manhattan on Wednesday night with the world premiere of Shrek Forever Ever, the fourth and final film in the Shrek film franchise…..

-A new Hitler Parody….

-Ellis Island awarded “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen” with a Heritage Award on Thursday…..

-Rebbie Jackson — AKA “The Normal Jackson” — is going on tour!

-Madonna shoots scenes for the next D&G campaign….

-Brandy and Ray J’s mom thinks Kim Kardashian leaked her 2007 sex tape with the singer/reality star. Well thank you, Captain Obvious!

-Do you bare a startling resemblance to a giant blue avatar? Blockbuster is holding a Na’vi character look-alike contest…..

-Super Bowl champ Drew Brees is the cover model for this year’s edition of Madden NFL (Apparently, this is a big deal)….

-Maura Tierney has given her first interview about her battle against cancer….

-Apple’s unveiled a new, free MacGruber App for iTunes. A new site has just launched that allows users to train at the “Macgruber: Training Academy.” Mark your calendars, MacGruber opens in theaters May 21….

-ABC denies banning Lane Bryant’s cleavege ad….

-Do you like Heidi Klum’s new haircut….

-7-Eleven is launching its own line of beer?

-Steelers QB Big Ben Roethlisberger has been suspended for six games after being linked to two alleged sexual assaults in the past year….

-The Cartoon Network is reviving Looney Tunes and launching its first awards show….

-Macy Gray “tried” to pay her publicist and she “stumbled….”

-Archie Comics is introducing its first openly gay character….

-Is it a wrap for TheWrap.com?

-Amanda Peet welcomes baby girl….

-Here are a few tips for breaking free of a toxic relationship…..

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