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Eva Longoria Picture Gallery

There’s never been any question in my mind who is the hottest housewife on Wisteria Lane. It’s pretty clearly Eva Longoria. PopCrunch has collected some of the best Longoria images out there, and we’re pretty confident that by the end of this post, after you’ve soaked in all the pictures, you’ll agree with us that Longoria is one of the hottest women working in Hollywood today. Tony Parker is a lucky guy.


A classic photo of Eva Longoria showing just how stunning she really is.

A picture showing off one of Longoria’s finest assets. Ha, see what I just did there?


Eva has a small star tattooed on the inner part of her wrist.


Showing lots of skin in a yellow swimsuit.


Here’s a picture of Eva showing support for her husband, Spurs player Tony Parker.


Eva Longoria is pretty active with modeling, and here she is advertising some Skimpies.


More modeling photos from Longoria, this time for Bebe. She has been the face of Bebe Sport since January 2007.


Another image from Bebe’s Eva Longoria campaign.


And one more shot from Bebe, possibly the hottest of the three.


Here’s Longoria pictured wearing a red bikini and looking amazing.


Easily one of the hottest Eva Longoria pictures out there, I think this might have been done for a Maxim photoshoot.


Eva Longoria with no makeup, but still beautiful. She looks kind of tired though.


Here’s Longoria naked, in what looks to be the backseat of a car.


Eva Longoria in a Desperate Housewives promo shot, floating on air.


Another Desperate Housewives promo image, and probably my favorite Eva Longoria picture of all time.


Lounging in a short dress on a couch.


Longoria showing off some great cleavage. I believe this shot sparked some pregnancy rumors at the time.

Stay tuned as this page will be updated with more great Eva Longoria pics over time!

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