Erykah Badu “Window Seat” VIDEO Features Nude Scene; Sparks Controversy

A little neo-soul, a lot of nudity! Erykah Badu gets naked — at the site of JFK’s assasination, no less — in the new video for her hit single “Window Seat.”

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On her Twitter page Monday, Badu acknowleged the growing controversy over the vid, which sees the neo-soul goddess stripping down at the spot of President Kennedy’s assasination in Dallas in 1963: “They were yelling , THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE : YOU OUGHTA BE ASHAMED : PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON : DAMN GIRL! …Heard people yelling diff things @ me but I held my head up and kept moving. There were children there. I prayed they wouldn’t be traumatized,” she wrote.

“Funny thing is, the physical nudity is nothing,” Badu Tweeted. “I been naked all along in my words actions and deeds. That’s the real vulnerable place.”

So what’s the point? Combating “group think” and people who are “quick to assassinate what they don’t understand,” according to the mother of three.

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