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Did Erykah Badu Try to Steal a Kiss From a Working Reporter?


Erykah Badu (better known these days as “The Lady in the Giant Hat”) is once again in the news for creating a scene on the streets of a major U.S. city.

Thankfully, this time she managed to keep her clothes on.

The neo-soul stirrer is making headlines after a video of her crashing WPIX reporter Mario Diaz’s live report on the streets of Manhattan went viral over the weekend. Diaz was delivering the deets on Shia LaBeouf’s bizarre Thursday evening arrest during a show on Broadway when another bad-behaving celebrity — Ms. Badu — started walking in an out of the frame; smiling, laughing and making lewd gestures.

Things got a little — er — uncomfortable when Erykah tried to kiss Mario. Not realizing that he was face to face with the “Bag Lady” songstress, Diaz rebuffed Badu’s attempted smooch with a firm shove.

Footage of the encounter was uploaded to Vine under the title “Crazy Lady Attacks NYC Reporter.”

Sometimes the punchlines just write themselves.

Erykah delivered a good-natured apology to Diaz on Twitter Friday evening:

“@MarioPIX11 sorry Mario. :-)))))”

Mario seemed to take the interruption in stride, replying in part:

“…Next time I won’t do the NYC push back.”

The mother of three has never been afraid of courting controversy. In 2009, Erykah was fined when she walked naked through the streets of Downtown Dallas for her music video “Window Seat.”


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