Erin Andrews Death Threats

That Erin Andrews just can’t catch a break! First she was secretly videotaped naked and blasted online. Now she’s receiving death threats.

The blonde bombshell has been getting death threats in a stream of emails to The Dan Patrick Show, a lawyer for the ESPN reporter and Dancing With The Stars contestant said Friday.

The emails first started arriving to The Dan Patrick Show — who Erin is a contributor — last September and were at first purely sexual. The letters have become increasingly explicitly violent in recent weeks and “threatened Erin with murder,” her attorney Marshall Grossman said.

DirecTV provided the emails to Andrews’ representatives Thursday.

Erin, obviously rattled, has asked ABC to beef up security on the set of DWTS. Private security also has been hired to protect Andrews and her family.

The FBI, who are investigating the threats, have identified the culprit and believes the man lives somewhere in Newport News, Virginia.

The messages discuss the case of Michael David Barrett, who was sentenced last month to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for secretly shooting nude videos of Andrews in hotels around the United States and then posting the footage online.

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