“ER” Movie: “ER-The Movie”


Rumor: ER will confront it’s last medical crisis at the end of it’s fifteenth season next May, but is the NBC drama on it’s way to the big screen? Celebrity insiders claim the blockbuster television series is in the final stages of being turned into a motion picture, entitled ER-The Movie, and cast original, George Clooney, is reportedly coming along for the ride as a possible producer or director.

The deal was recently finalized by writers and producers…Tinseltown bigwigs have visions of the hit medical drama blossoming into a lucrative Star Trek like movie franchise.

“ER is one of the most beloved shows in television history and producers feel the series only scratched the surface of the concepts potential,” a television insider gushes to GLOBE.

George Clooney, who portrayed ER’s Dr. Doug Ross from the show’s debut in 1994 until his departure in 2008, is being courted to direct the film.

Production on ER-The Movie could begin next year.