Emory University Hospital releases American doctor that was treated for Ebola Virus

The two American missionaries that were working in Africa when they contracted the deadly Ebola virus are going to be released from care at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital.

Dr. Brantley, has been receiving critical care from the staff at Emory for the last 19 days, after being transported from Liberia. Dr. Brantley was given an experimental drug, that prior to him receiving it, had only been used in animals.

Brantley will leave the hospital with his wife and two children but they will be heading from the hospital to an undisclosed location. According to CNN, Dr. Brantley had to have two negative blood tests, back to back, in order to be cleared to leave the hospital.

No official word on when the second missionary, Nancy Writebol, will be released.

It has been just 31 days since Kent Brantley called his wife to tell her goodbye, thinking that he would not survive after he became ill.

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