Emmy producers include Cory Monteith but not Larry Hagman in Memorial Tributes


In a year when many television legends have passed away, Glee star Cory Monteith was chosen to be honored during the prime time Emmy Awards….but note some other notable and iconic television stars.

Producers will honor in a new format this year, several actors and actresses that have died during the last year. While every year it seems that certain stars are passed over but this year two stand out with questions for the Producers. Larry Hagman, who not only played JR Ewing for decades but also starred on I Dream of Jeanie and Jack Klugman who starred for years in the Odd Couple.

“Inevitably the next day there are people who say, ‘Why not this one?'” Emmy producer Ken Ehrlich said. “No matter what we do, there will be people who feel we had other options and could have done other things.”

Edie Falco will talk about Gandolfini; Michael J. Fox will honor Goldberg; Jane Lynch will pay tribute to her co-star Monteith; Rob Reiner will honor Stapleton, who played his character’s mother-in-law, Edith Bunker, on “All in the Family”; and Robin Williams will honor his mentor, comedian Jonathan Winters, who worked with him on “Mork and Mindy.”

Do you think Cory should have been included?

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