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Emma Stone Shows Undies


Emma Stone looked stunning on the Oscars red carpet in Elie Saab dress, and was one of the most beautifully dressed women of the night. However, the Birdman actress exposed a little more than she had bargained for while adjusting her dress. The adjustment caused her to have a total wardrobe fail on the red carpet.

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Emma’s sexy gown had a long slit which exposed her legs, but when she was walking on the red carpet she mistakenly showed a lot more than she had intended!

Emma picked up the front of her Oscar dress to avoid tripping over it while walking but instead of just avoid a fall; she gave us a peep show! Yep, she totally showed off her nude-colored underwear! Luckily for Emma, she seemed to be totally unfazed by accidentally flashing her underwear. Either that or she hadn’t noticed her blunder since she seemed preoccupied with hanging out with her famous friends like Jennifer Aniston.

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Sadly, Emma’s hunky boyfriend Andrew Garfield, did not attend the Oscars ceremony on Emma’s big night, apparently Garfield wanted the night to be all about Emma and her incredible nomination according to Hollywoodlife.com.

“They want to protect their relationship and not be a couple in public so they both decided that it was better off this way during Oscar night,” an insider told us. “If Emma thought she had a chance to win, then things would be a completely different story, but she let Andrew do his own thing during the Oscars. They have no drama with each other so people shouldn’t think of this as a snub.”


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