Emma Roberts Twitter Deleted Following Attacks From Angry Twi-Hards

It’s hard out here for a Taylor Lautner lover. Nancy Drew actress Emma Roberts has reportedly deleted her Twitter handle after being cyber-bullied by Twilight fans on the social networking site.

With some prodding from Jay Leno, Emma had a bit of a tiff with series bloodsucker Robert Pattinson on The Tonight Show Tuesday night.

The reason? Roberts admitted she’s Team Jacob. Roberts co-starred with Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob in The Twilight Saga, in the ensemble comedy Valentine’s Day. Take that, Cullen! Don’t worry Team Edward fans, Pattinson put her in her place! But the joke between Emma and Rob didn’t go over so well with Twi-Hards on Twitter. According to E! News, poor Emma was slammed with so many hate-Tweets she’s decided to leave the microblogging giant!

As of Wednesday afternoon, @RobertsEmma has graced the blogosphere with its final Tweet.

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