Eminem “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Concert For Unemployed Auto Workers (May 15)

Eminem and ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel will fly about 200 jobless auto workers to Los Angeles for the Motor City-born rapper’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Friday, May 15. Eminem is promoting the May 19 release of Relapse, his first studio album in four years.

The fierce promo tour will include two more appearances on Kimmel; one next Tuesday, May 19, as well another on Friday, May 22.

Em says he’s eager to show support for the community where he grew up, particularly in light of what he perceives as the media’s lack of focus on the massive layoffs in the American auto industry.

“In all the media coverage Detroit is getting, everyone forgets about the people that have lost their jobs without getting big cash payouts after dedicating themselves to the auto industry,” Eminem said in a statement to The Detroit Free Press on Monday night. “Jimmy Kimmel and I got to talking, and we wanted to remind everyone that there are real people affected by what’s going on in Detroit, and try to show some of them a good time while we’re at it.”

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