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Emily Osment Haley Joel Osment

If Emily Osment looks weirdly familiar and you haven’t seen her in her numerous movies or shows (such as the Spy Kids trilogy, or the Disney sitcom Hannah Montana) then you probably recognize her because she looks incredibly similar to her older brother and well known actor Haley Joel Osment. Osment is currently well tied to the Disney brand, but will soon be branching out. She’s scheduled to release an indie rock album with the group Eve 6 sometime in the next year that won’t be associated with the Disney brand. With her connections and already extensive work history we are betting Osment will be around for a long time. Enjoy this Osment photo gallery.

Emily Osment ponytail
If you look at a lot of pictures of Osment, you’ll notice she has something of an obsession with hats.

emily osment peace
Here’s Emily Osment wearing a peace sign shirt on the set of movie Soccer Mom.

emily osment minnie mouse
All Disney stars end up taking photos with mice at some point.

emily osment miley cyrus
Emily Osment pictured with good friend Miley Cyrus.

emily osment hannah montana
Cast shot for Hannah Montana.

emily osment goth
Here’s Emily looking a little goth.

emily osment smart girls rock
Emily Osment is a spokeswoman for a “Smart Girls Rock” clothing campaign. Here she is in a campaign image.

emily osment disney games
Osment participated in the Disney Games.

emily osment bike
That’s a huge basket.

emily osment single
Here’s the cover for Osment’s single “I Don’t Think About It”, which went to #1 on Radio Disney.

emily osment treehugger
I certainly have no idea what Emily Osment’s politics are, but I don’t think she can escape the “treehugger” label.

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