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Emily Kinney New Role as DC’s villain ‘Bug Eye Bandit’


The Flash American television series based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, is putting a gender twist on the traditional DC Comics’ Bug-Eyed Bandit.

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The Walking Dead former co-star Emily Kinney has been casted to become nemesis of The Atom whom is typically a male super-villain. She will portray, Brie Larvan, known as DC villain ‘Bertam Larvan’ aka Bug Eyed Bandit.


The Bug-Eyed Bandit is known to be a narcissist inventor who enjoys creating havoc in Central City. Due to having no financial backing for in inventions, The Bug-Eyed Bandit resorted to steal the money he needed for his inventions. Later, he used his invention to steal more money eventually creating an army of mechanical insects. A couple of his known mechanical insects are stag beetles, which possesses the ability to bite through steel as well as his spiders whose webbing can support the weight of a man.


In the CW series, when Felicity Smoak (I.T. expert and skilled hacker) and Ray Palmer (Savvy Techie who possesses detailed information on Felicity) arrives, Felicity deems Brie as being her rival and the two women create a hacker war in an attempt to take the Flash’s life. Kinney will appear on The Flash in Episode 18, “All-Star Team-Up,” as Brie Larvan — aka Bertram in comics lore — when Arrow‘s Ray Palmer and Felicity visit Central City for help with his A.T.O.M. exosuit.

Acting out this role would be the next big step for Emily Kinney’s acting career since her leave from The Walking Dead. Although there has been no official word as to when Kinney’s episode will show debut, CW stated that they are excited with working with the zombie slaying blonde beauty.


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