Ellen vs. Rachael Ray: Ellen Orders Rachael Ray Rosie O’Donnell Tribute Cancelled

Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly learning to tap into her inner diva as she slowly emerges as the new Queen of Daytime Talk. Ellen and her Telepictures producers refuse to be outdone by a pint-sized chick with a fierce pot collection. Reps for The Ellen DeGeneres Show called heads at The Rachael Ray Show on Thursday demanding that the celebrity chief cancel her tribute to Rosie O’Donnell, airing on Friday May 2nd. Who said good-natured lesbians can’t be bitchy?

“It’s unbelievable,” says an MSNBC source. “They didn’t just want to pull b-roll, they wanted the whole show off the air.”

According to MSNBC: Telepictures is nervous that if O’Donnell appears on “Rachael Ray” and the show runs old “Rosie O’Donnell Show” footage, their current property, “Ellen,” could be beaten in the ratings by their former property in markets where “Ellen” and Ray compete head to head.

A statement issued by spokesman for Rachael Ray seems to support that claim: “Yes we did receive a legal complaint from Telepictures about Rachael Ray’s tribute to Rosie. We think the complaints are invalid and without merit. We stand by the show. And, it will air as scheduled … May 2.”


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