Ellen DeGeneres Interviews #AlexFromTarget


#AlexFromTarget has been the most hashtagged phrase this week and of course Ellen DeGeneres got a hold of the native Texan to ask him what its like being Internet famous.

16 year-old Alex Lee has been working at Target for all of 3 months when a customer snagged a secret picture of the bagger.


Alex reveals that he has caught people taking pictures of him but doesn’t recollect this particular picture being taken. It was his manager that  showed the famous picture to him that was spreading around Twitter. He thought at first it was fake until some random girls came into the store showing him his Twitter page and it had 5,000 more followers, now he is at 674k. CRAZY!!!

Is Alex overwhelmed by all this? Heck yeah he his. He’s even gotten wedding proposals.

Trying to help the young lad out, Ellen asks if he has any talents. Alex responds with not really, but apparently he can bag groceries very well.

Check out Ellen’s interview with Alex below:

Ellen thought it would be fun for Alex to work at that register in The Ellen Show riff-raff room:

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