Ellen DeGeneres Does Her Best Letterman

Daytime lass Ellen DeGeneres is tickled pink over reports that she could be in the running for David Letterman’s Late Show post. Last week, the late-night veteran, 66, announced his plans to retire sometime during the 2015 season.

That’s opened up a litany of potential replacements; among them heir apparent Craig Ferguson, Howard Stern, Jon Stewart, longtime Letterman rival Jay Leno, and yes, Ellen.

We can cross at least one name off the list. The Emmy-winning DeGeneres says she’s perfectly happy in her cushy role as the post-Oprah era Queen of Daytime. Late-night TV is filled with skits and political jokes.

Who needs that?

Just because she isn’t taking the job, doesn’t mean the funny girl can’t have fun pretending to be Dave. Ellen rolled out her best Letterman-esque monologue and Top 10 list on Thursday’s edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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