Elizabeth Taylor RuPaul Obsession: “She Can’t Get Enough Of The Drag Queens”


Life is anything but a “drag” for screen legend Elizabeth Taylor. The classy dame has been passing her once restless days with the high-energy hijinks of over-the-top gender bender RuPaul.

Elizabeth has fallen in love with Ru’s Logo reality show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, which the 77-year-old gleefully calls “the funniest show on TV.”

“RuPaul is her new obsession,” a Hollywood spy reveals in the Aug. 31 issue of The National Enquirer. “She can’t get enough of the drag queens!”

Elizabeth loves the show so much that she recently mailed RuPaul a thank you letter and an autographed photo. It was Liz’s hairdresser, celebrity mane man Jose Eber, who first introduced the Cleopatra star to the television drag competition, which sees contestants dressed as women competing in a series of challenges for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.”

“Liz claps when the drag queens she’s picked win,” the spy claims.

Friends close to Elizabeth credit the show with helping the actress cope with a variety of emotional and health issues, including chronic pain, limited mobility, and grief over the recent death of her dear friend Michael Jackson.

“These days there’s not a whole lot that makes her happy, so to see her light up watching a bunch of guys dressed as women is a kick. Liz can be moaning in pain from her various aliments, but then she has a staffer a pop in one of the RuPaul shows and suddenly she starts to laugh.”


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