Elizabeth Olsen — Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Little Sister — Makes V Magazine Young Hollywood Edition

Oh look, there’s a third Olsen Twin!

Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t the only Olsens in showbiz. The megastar twins have a younger sister who’s a budding actress and the spitting image of her big sisters.So much so, she might as well be an Olsen triplet!

Cute-as-a-button Elizabeth Olsen, 21, joins Glee’s Chord Overstreet in V Magazine’s Discovery Issue, which celebrates talent and features a montage of new Hollywood faces that have earned spots on the mag’s list of “Ones to Watch.”

Elizabeth was nominated by Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford, a pal who believes the beauty is right on the cusp of stardom.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s career in acting began at just nine-months-old, when the girls landed the role of Michelle Tanner on the classic sitcom Full House. The twins, now 24, recently said they “wouldn’t wish their childhoods on anyone,” so it’s little wonder their kid sister has chosen a different route to fame.

Elizabeth has been honing her craft as an understudy in Broadway theater, telling V that she decided to “let the professional acting wait until I felt confident and comfortable.”

Sounds pretty sensible to us.

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