Elizabeth Banks Is In Negotiations To Direct Adaptation Of Young Adult Fantasy Novel ‘Red Queen’


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Elizabeth Banks is on a roll right now and continues to glide on her momentum with the announcement that she is in negotiations to direct an adaptation of a young adult fantasy novel.

She has always been an actress who has kept busy, but it has not completely translated into popularity and success until recently. Banks most recently directed the hit film Pitch Perfect 2 and in addition to appearing in that film, she will be seen in other films and shows this year as well.

Banks has been seen in many films over the years, and after only acting for just over a decade, she has 70 credits to her name. As the first time director with the highest opening weekend ever, she appears to be on cloud 9 and able to do whatever she wants.

Elizabeth Banks is now in negotiations to direct the young adult novel Red Queen, which is a dystopian fantasy novel written by Victoria Aveyard. The film is presented by Universal and is supposed to be packed with special effects and elements of fantasy.

The book is described as a combination of stories such as X-Men, The Hunger Games, Game Of Thrones, and Cinderella, in a world where supernatural silver-blooded elites rule over the red-blooded hoi polloi.

With a combo like that, there is no doubt that the story would translate well to the screen and become a hit with fans. The book is brand new after being released in February of 2015 and it is the debut novel from the author.

The story follows Mare, a seventeen-year-old a common girl whose once-latent magical power draws her into the dangerous intrigue of the king’s palace. The king gives her a new identity as a lost princess who’ll reclaim her royal status through her marriage with the prince.

Whether Elizabeth Banks will end up directing the film is yet to be determined, but screenwriter Gennifer Hutchison is already on board, who previously worked on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

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