Eighty Year Old Woman Clowns with Florida Judge

Dolores Sheinis is an eighty year-old defendant who had a courtroom doubled over with laughter from her sassy remarks; even the bond judge was so amused that he told her she “brightened” his day. “That’s the last guy said,” Sheinis wittily shot back. “And then he sued me.”
The one liners kept coming as Sheinis appeared in front of the judge in Florida’s Broward County Court on Thursday for a bond hearing. Her charges are resisting arrest without violence and “violation of an injunction protection order for domestic violence against her ex-husband,” according to the court records.

She addressed the judge as “sweetheart” and even asked him if he’d take her out for breakfast. Sheinis’ comedy act didn’t begin until after the judge, John Hurley, had released her on her own recognizance provided she be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor to ensure she would be staying away from her ex-husband. She is scheduled for a March 5th competency hearing.


“Ma’am, you’re getting a second chance on this case,” the Judge said. “I don’t particularly feel like keeping an 80-year-old woman in a jail who has no criminal record.”  After Sheinis claimed that she had never bothered her ex-husband, Sheinis added, “I swear to God and all that’s holy on a stack of bibles: I will never go near him, talk to him, call him or even look at him.


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Finale: After the hilarious back-and-forth, Judge Hurley (left) told Sheinis (right) to stay away from her husband. She replied: ”I haven’t bothered him for 31 years, why would I bother him now?’

When the Judge asked her if she’d ever thought of doing a stand-up routine, Sheinis responded back , “If you pay me good money, sweetheart, I’ll be there. I’m really short of funds.” The Judge seemed to take the 80-year-old’s quick wit in good humor, telling her, she seemed to “have a great wit” about her.
“I do, sir,” Sheinis retorted, “Sweetheart, that’s the only thing I have.”

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