Eddie Vedder Performs Emotional Version Of ‘Better Man’ In Dedication To David Letterman [Watch]


Eddie Vedder is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitar players and singers around. Like many others in recent weeks, he appeared on The Late Show With David Letterman, in this case, to play a song showing that he is the better man.

As Letterman mentions in the clip, the legendary rock musician originally appeared on the show in 1996 with his alternative rock band Pearl Jam. He performed with the band for many years and has become a solo artist since, notably appearing on the Into The Wild soundtrack with all of his own music in the film.

He is backed in the performance by the CBS Orchestra, and they performed the most fitting song of Pearl Jam’s that could have been done for the man who is leaving late-night after several decades.

Eddie Vedder, like a number of other musicians, appreciates what David Letterman has done for music over the years. He has had a number of musicians appear on the show that are not given attention bu others including First Aid Kit who recently appeared in order to play a touching tribute of Simon and Garfunkel’s “America.”

Letterman’s time on The Late Show has been a special time for celebrities of all sorts and he has been on the air longer than any other late-night talk show in history. Many people will be sad to see him go with his final performance this week and his recent guests have been extra special.

His final show will be on Wednesday, May 20th with the final guest being Bob Dylan. The roster of musicians that he has been bringing in as of recently and over the years simply shows how legendary he is with Bob Dylan, Eddie Vedder, Tom Waits, and more all within a week.

Eddie Vedder’s sweet performance of “Better Man” illustrates the significance of David Letterman and with his line “can’t find a better man,” we all know who he is talking about.

Tobias Roth
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