Eddie Cibrian Injured On Set Of Axed “Playboy Club”

Geez…When it rains, it pours.

Just ask Eddie Cibrian.

The actor, who lost his job when NBC axed his Tuesday night primetime drama The Playboy Club earlier this week, was reportedly injured on while filming on the newly-cancelled show. Production snoops tell The Chicago-Sun Times that Cibrian received a deep gash on his right heel when his foot was caught underneath a 200-pound steel door. He was taken to nearby Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he received stitches.

“My husband is hurt…stitches in his Achilles!” Eddie’s paramour-turned-wife LeAnn Rimes Tweeted.

On Monday, NBC announced that the 1960s drama was being axed after three episodes, following poor ratings and a boycott led by the ultra-conservative Parents Television Council. The Playboy Club managed to draw only 3.5 million viewers for its third episode. The show reportedly plans to continue filming through Monday. Oct. 10 in hopes of landing new life on another network.

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