Eddie Cibrian Can Afford $85K Engagement Ring, But Child Support — Not So Much

The monthly child support payments Eddie Cibrian owes his two sons with jilted ex Brandi Glanville are apparently sitting on LeAnn Rimes’ unpolished left ring finger.

Although the former CSI: Miami star reportedly forked over $85,000 on the diamond sparkler he presented to his former mistress over the holidays, Cibrian is crying broke when it comes to ponying up on maintenance payments for his kids.

Eddie’s ex-wife was recently ordered by the court to reimburse him 65 percent of the child support he paid her, those in-the-know tell E! News.

“He worked a little but only made a little. Now Brandi has to give him a bunch of money back. From now on, the child support payments will be half of what was originally agreed on….What she gets to keep isn’t enough to pay the rent of her new house, and now she and the kids have to move again. It’s really sad because the poor kids were finally getting settled in.”

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