Dwight Howard Will Be Suspended For Game 1 Of Next Season Due To Flagrant Foul In Game 5

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Dwight Howard, disliked by many, has been known to be one of the most aggressive players in the league for many years. As a result, he continues to spar with players around the league, and his latest flagrant foul will have him paying the consequences at the start of next season.

The somewhat embarrassing post-season tale of the Houston Rockets finally came to a close on Wednesday night as the Golden State Warriors advanced to face the Cleveland Cavaliers after an easy game 5 victory, with the Cavaliers defeating the Atlanta Hawks in 4 games.

Howard struggled for much of the series against the Warriors and took his frustration out on other players on more than one occasion. In game 5, one foul, in particular, was upgraded from a common foul to a flagrant. Despite being out of the playoffs, in a situation that clearly doesn’t happen often, he will be suspended for game 1 of the 2015-2016 season.

Dwight Howard’s malicious play in question occurred when he took an elbow to Andre Iguodala’s throat, clearly frustrated with how the game had been going. It is a mystery how it did not get called as a flagrant foul in the first place, but thankfully the officials corrected their mistake and will punish him for next season.

The foul occurred late in the game and the Rockets were forced out of the playoffs just minutes later with the Warriors winning 104-90. The series was up and down including some huge victories for the Warriors, a couple of close games, and only one win from the Rockets after a huge performance from James Harden.

In addition to Howard’s continued aggression, Harden provided some embarrassment for the Rockets in game 5 with a record number of turnovers in a single playoff game, a total of 13.

Dwight Howard will miss out on the always anticipating first game of the NBA season, but other than that, the punishment will not have much of an effect on the team. He will be back for game 2, and should have another great season with the team.

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