Dwight Howard, Frustrated Like The Rest Of The Rockets, Invites Heckler To Come To The Court [Watch]


Dwight Howard was once one of the best big men in the NBA. The Rockets, up until a few days ago, seemed like one of the best teams in the league, but for some reason, they quickly began to crumble as soon as they faced the Clippers.

Howard has taken certainly shown his frustration over the first few games in the Western Conference semi-finals, along with his fellow star James Harden, who was a recent runner-up for the MVP Award, but doesn’t look that way lately.

In last night’s most embarrassing loss so far in the series, the big man received two technical fouls in the game, which resulted in his ejection. One of them came when a fan shouted out at him saying “Dwight…don’t cry, man. Don’t cry.” Of course, like any star would, he took offense to the comment and proceeded by saying ”

Dwight Howard, like any star would, clearly took offense to a comment like that and playing in Los Angeles, there is only so much taunting that an opposing player can take. He responded to the LA fan by saying “Come out here. Come out here.”

He would later get ejected from the game for throwing the ball at an official.

The Houston Rockets finished in second place at the end of the regular season and many people had high hopes for them with a number of great players including Trevor Ariza, Josh Smith, Cory Brewer, and Pablo Prigioni in addition to Harden and Howard. However, that team seems to be completely lost at this point, down 3-1 after traveling to Los Angeles, and their season seems to be coming to an end quickly.

The Clippers have even been playing without Chris Paul, arguably the best point guard in the league, which somehow hasn’t been a problem for them at all, with Austin Rivers rising to the occasion and performing at a whole new level.


Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets seem to be in freefall mode with their season’s end approaching quickly after going down 3-1 after their second big blowout of the series.

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