Dwayne Johnson’s Live-Action Version Of A Vengeful Bambi Kicks Disney Butt


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live last night and his portrayal of Disney’s Bambi was amazing. With live-action movies all the rage at Mickey’s corporation these days, SNL took a different stance, turning Bambi into a vengeful woodland creature who is out to seek revenge against his mother’s killer.

Watch as Disney’s angry critters fight it out with machine guns in the hopes of seeking revenge against their human enemies.

The clip is dark, gritty, and to be 100% honest, a lot of fun.

Also featured in the film are Vin Diesel , Tyrese Gibson, and Michelle Rodriguez, Johnson’s co-stars for Furious 7.

Check out Dwayne Johnson rocking a pair of fleece ears and a fury, yellow waistcoat:

The Rock As Bambi

And who wouldn’t picture Vin Diesel as Thumper:Vin Diesel As ThumperEven Tyrese Makes AN Appearance As Flower:Bambi on SNL

Michelle Rodriguez As FALINE AKA The Girl BAMBI:

Michelle Rodriguez as The Girl Bambi

I admittedly would love to see Bambi seeking revenge, especially if the scenes looked something like this.

Rock Bambi Opens Fire

Fans have reacted to Dwayne Johnson’s turn as Bambi and funny enough, they WANT to see this movie:

Can’t get enough of Dwayne Johnson? Check out his Look What The Rock Obama Is Cooking! segment.

TELL US: Would you go to theaters to watch Dwayne Johnson as a vengeful Bambi?

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