Dukes Of Hazzard: John Schneider Responds To TV Land Pulling Show [VIDEO]

TV Land has pulled Dukes of Hazzard reruns from their current lineup (though there’s no statement regarding a long-term cancellation) and some folks are more than a little upset. In the late hours of Wednesday evening, John Schneider (who played Bo Duke in the show) responded to the controversy in a short video.

In the video, Schneider walks around the studio, where he says he’s working on a new project (according to IMDB, he’s in pre-production for a film called Candles), and talks about Viacom’s decision to pull Dukes of Hazzard from the air. In short, he says that he thinks the decision was an error, but says that people should instead focus on praying for the families of the nine murder victims. (It’s not clear whether he means that TV viewers should pray rather than complaining about a missed show, or that those responsible for the decision should spend their time praying instead of canceling shows and taking down flags.)

You can see his full video below.

Schneider refers several times in the video to a Hollywood Reporter article. The article he refers to includes a brief interview with him, and, though it takes place before the TV Land decision, he makes his feelings a bit clearer.

In the interview, he’s discussing the decision by Warner Brothers not to allow the manufacture of any more General Lee replicas with the Confederate flag on the roof. He says that he thinks the decision is too reactionary, but he also says that he recognizes that a publicly-held company has to make risk-management decisions such as this one.

He also worries that the show is being unfairly associated with racism.

Some people are narrow-minded extremists that in no way represent a majority. The man who committed this horrific act clearly fits into that category. Those who watched the Dukes would likely agree that the first person to offer forgiveness, as the members of the church and family did, would be Uncle Jesse. Very sad. Labeling anyone who has the flag a ‘racist’ seems unfair to those who are clearly ‘never meanin’ no harm.’

A petition has been started asking cable and satellite companies to drop TV Land from their line-up until Viacom brings back the Dukes, and it’s already flooded with comments claiming there is a ‘race war on white Americans,’ calling this an assault on the First Amendment (which it might perhaps be if instead of a television network making a decision to drop a show it was a government official arresting someone for saying they liked it), and demanding for the entire BET network to also be dropped.

As of this publication, Amazon Instant Video still carries Dukes of Hazzard episodes.

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