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Duggar Family: Social Media Silence Officially Over; Paving Way For Spinoff?


The Duggar family has been gradually ending their social media silence, and with Josh Duggar’s newest post, his first one since his official statement on the sex scandal that rocked the family and cause TLC to drag them off the air, it seems that it’s safe to say the silence is officially over — especially with Anna posting at the same time. The two have stayed silent and in the background throughout the interviews, record releases, and other publicity surrounding the news that Josh molested five underage girls over a decade ago, but now both appear to have rejoined the public, posting a normal family update, unrelated to the crime and the associated drama.

Josh and Anna both posted right before the media release (which, by the way, the Springdale, AR Mayor says they were notified of in advance), with memes pertaining to ‘doing the right thing’ and forgiving.

A photo posted by Anna Duggar (@annaduggar) on

Then, they — along with the rest of the family — fell silent, and posted nothing for days, aside from a link to the official statements from Josh, Anna, and Jim Bob and Michelle.

The family broke their silence in an interview with Megyn Kelly, and shortly after, the older Duggar daughters broke their silence on social media, posting baby and pregnancy updates. The Duggar Family Official Facebook page returned to posting updates too — real updates about the family, as opposed to official statements and reminders to watch them on The Kelly File.

Still, Josh and Anna stayed silent. The viewers filled comment sections and message boards, wondering where the couple was, and why Josh wouldn’t step forward for an interview when his parents and sisters did.

Now both have returned to social media, posting updates that make it clear that they’re moving on — birthday wishes and videos of their oldest son. Further, they’ve released a partial answer to the question of where the young family is riding out the storm: they’re back in Arkansas, apparently taking an extended break from Washington, DC while the former Executive Director of the Family Research Council figures out what he’s going to do for work now.

So glad to be in Arkansas celebrating Michael's 4th birthday — we love you Mikey!

A video posted by Anna Duggar (@annaduggar) on

Anna posted the above video, with this comment:

So glad to be in Arkansas celebrating Michael’s 4th birthday — we love you Mikey!

Meanwhile, Josh posted this image on Twitter and Instagram:

All debate about whether Josh should still be punished for his crimes (and whether Jim Bob and Michelle should still be punished for covering them up) aside, the simple fact is that a four-year-old child deserves a happy birthday. As for the decision to post it on social media, that’s a decision many parents make, and certainly well within Josh and Anna’s rights.

However, for most of us, our social media accounts read a few friends and family members, or perhaps a few hundred. That’s a pretty far cry from the half million followers Josh Duggar has on Instagram (and the three-quarters of a million Anna has), or even the hundred-thousand or so each has on Twitter.

In the wake of scandal, posting about their family on social media seems like an odd choice (though, again, well within their rights) — especially when they’re not posting to close family, but to fans and viewers. That is, on Twitter and Instagram, Josh and Anna are reaching out to an audience.

With rumors circling of a Duggar family spinoff, perhaps centered around the two young married women and their growing families, the new posts are raising questions and rumors: are the Duggars trying to demonstrate their fan following, so they can prove to TLC (which still hasn’t canceled the show officially) that they can still draw enough of an audience to support a new reality show?

Steph Bazzle
Steph Bazzle is a homeschooling mom who likes to write about justice, equality, and religious issues.

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