Duggar Daughter Jill Dillard’s New Due Date Prompts Most Ridiculous Conception Date Speculation Yet

Jill Duggar is still pregnant -- and people seem to think that's an invitation to speculate on her sex life.

Jill (Duggar) Dillard passed her due date this week, and the speculation about her conception date that has dogged her pregnancy has renewed in a way that is, if possible, even more ridiculous than before. Now, instead of speculating that Jill’s pregnancy proves she and her husband engaged in premarital sex, fans are speculating that it somehow proves she didn’t.

First, wow, yes, people are actually counting days and trying to figure out whether Jill Duggar and her then-fiance had sex before their wedding. No, don’t check your calendar — you haven’t been transported 100 years back. It’s still 2015 America, and people are really counting weeks to determine whether this Duggar daughter might not have waited until the vows were said and the ink dry.

Of course, the Duggars express a certain standard of sexual morality, and if Jill was pregnant before the wedding, that would certainly represent a deviation from those standards — and doesn’t everyone love to catch a hypocrite?

Unfortunately for those who seek evidence of Jill Duggar’s moral failings, the way pregnancy is timed and counted makes it far easier for someone trying to creep a woman’s menstrual cycles than for someone trying to creep her sex life. That’s right — pregnancy is officially considered to have begun on the first day of her last period, largely because it’s more common to keep track of that than of when a couple has sex.

So yes, a pregnancy can officially start around two weeks before sex. Knowing Jill’s pregnancy is about two weeks older than her marriage doesn’t mean she was actually pregnant before the wedding.

Of course, all this only matters if you need a second reason not to speculate on the Duggar ladies’ sex lives, after the obvious first, which is that nobody else’s sexual choices are your business. They just aren’t even if that person has a tv show and makes moral judgments on other people’s sex lives.

Now, if after all of that, speculating on Jill’s conception date isn’t ridiculous enough, there’s a new layer. Jill’s due date — which, by the way, is generally called an ‘estimated due date,’ or even a ‘guess date,’ because pregnancies don’t come with pop-up timers — has passed with no baby. On the family blog, it’s been announced that Jill expects to wait another week-and-a-half to two weeks.

Duggar fans are taking this announcement, though, as evidence for the most unscientfic speculation yet: apparently the fact taht Jill’s pregnancy is, so far, 40 weeks and one day, and that she expects to go longer (many pregnancies go as much as 42 weeks) is somehow evidence that she did not engage in premarital sex.

On the Duggar’s blog, Facebook page, Instagram pages, and on comment sections around the internet, the general sentiment is, “See? This proves she wasn’t already pregnant.”

To all the naysayers who wrongly speculated the conception of Jill’s pregnancy, I hate to say I told you so…but I’m gonna.

At least this shows she wasn’t pregnant before the wedding!

Pregnancy doesn’t work that way, though. Though ‘full term’ is commonly defined as being between 38 and 42 weeks gestation, it’s not unheard of for pregnancies to go even longer.

The take-away from all of this is, if you’ve decided to speculate on Duggar daughter Jill Dillard’s sex life, first, you’re being really creepy and inappropriate, and second, her pregnancy isn’t evidence of anything except that she concieved a baby once, at some point either before or after she was married. That’s really all.

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