Duchess Sarah Ferguson On “Celebrity Rehab?”

Duchess Sarah Ferguson — “The Original Fergie” — has a perfectly good explanation for why she was caught on video accepting money in exchange for access to her the father of her children, Prince Andrew: She was drunk!

And that’s precisely why she’d be the perfect trainwreck candidate for rehabilitation on VH1’s dead-in-the-water Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

On Tuesday’s Oprah, the admitted shopaholic explained what led her to accept $40,000 cash in exchange for a meeting with her former husband during an encounter with an undercover reporter from London’s News of the World. The Duchess of York says she wanted $38,000 for her friend, whom she wouldn’t identify. She says she’s not quite sure why she asked for the rest of the money.

VH1 is reportedly clawing at the chance to have a cash-strapped Fergie sign on for the fourth season of the show.

The reality show was slated to start shooting today, but it has been postponed after the show was unable to fill out the cast with any notable druggies. In fact, only Tila Tequila and former Hills bad boy Jason Wahler are slated to star on the next season of the series.

Other celebs who have appeared on the series include Daniel Baldwin, Dennis Rodman, and Mindy McCready.

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