Drunk Woman Nearly Hit By Subway Train In Boston [VIDEO]

Check out this incredible footage of an intoxicated woman’s nearly deathly encounter with a subway train on Boston’s Orange Line last weekend. The commuter train stops just inches from a drunk rider, who apparently fell onto the tracks.

There’s been a lot of chance encounters with trains lately; just last month in Australia, a infant survived being run-over by a train after his stroller accidentally rolled off the platform.

Train operator Charice Lewis, 27, has been honored by the T’s Board of Directors as a hero. Lewis, of Mattapan, said she did not have time to think when she hit the emergency brake to save the woman’s life.

“It was so close, I thought it was not good,” she said, recalling the moments before the near crash. “Afterward she came up with a big smile on her face and I’m like ‘Oh my God, you really scared me.’ The most exciting part for me is she crawled out from under.”

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