Drake Fan Attack! Rapper & Bodyguard Send Fans To Hospital

Wheelchair Jimmy isn’t in Degrassi anymore.

Canadian child star-turned-hip-hopster Drake has lost a pair of fans in Jacksonville, Florida after the rapper and his bodyguard allegedly attacked the autograph seekers at nightclub in the sunny city last Thursday night.

Jeremis Soriano says he and his pal just wanted to say “Hello” to the Grammy-nominated Young Money soldier, who was in The Sunshine State for a concert, when they were swiftly greeted with the cold shoulder and a few punches from Drizzy and the star’s beefy bodyguard.

Do you smell that? Ah — so do we. Lawsuit!

Jacksonville’s Action News has the scoop on what went down next: “Soriano’s lip was busted open after he said Drake’s bodyguard punched him. ‘Before I got to say his name, he hit me in the mouth and I fell back’ he said. Jeremis started to call Drake names when the rapper pushed his friend away. ‘He never put his hands on Drake. He never made a fist toward the security guard for them to hit him that hard,’ said Soriano’s friend. And it continued after both of them were escorted out of the club. ‘Drake went to get on the bus and he flicked me off and said ‘F— You, you are nothing,’ said Soriano’s friend.”

Soriano received six stitches in his mouth and is planning to press battery charges against Drake and the unnamed security guard. He’s also seek compensation for his medical bills. But more than that, Jeremis wants celebrities to understand that their fans are not expendable.

“They are just regular people with a little more money than us…They are the same people that are buying your C.D.’s. You shouldn’t treat us like that.”

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