Dr. Phil To Be A Grandfather

Just call him Grandpa McGraw! Dr. Phil McGraw is set to make a big announcement on his show today.

The TV shrink is “shocked and thrillled” to announced that his oldest son Jay and his daughter-in-law Erica Dahm are expecting their first child. This will make Dr. Phil and wife Robin first-time grandparents.
Dr Phil Grandfather
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“We were actually vacationing with the whole family and were in Elba, Italy,” Dr. Phil, 59, told PEOPLE Tuesday. “Jay and [his wife] Erica had discreetly gotten several home pregnancy tests the day before in France, and they sat us all down in Elba and said they had some exciting news! ‘We are pregnant!'” he added.

“The day before Robin had said to me, ‘I just get the feeling that Erica is pregnant. I swear she is some kind of mind-reader, but I guess women know these things.”

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