Doug Reinhardt Brawls After Man Gropes Paris Hilton At L.A Club

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend got into a fight with a barfly who tried to grope her.

Who says chivalry is dead?

The ditzy heiress was shocked when a male partygoer who grabbed at her cleavage in Los Angeles hotspot H.wood on Monday night; but have no fear,boyfriend Doug Reinhardt was there to save the day, immediately jumping in to protect his girlfriend.

According to spywitnesses, actress Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren, were dancing alongside Paris and Doug when one of the groper’s friends had tried to throw a beer bottle at Doug’s head but missed, prompting his friends to step in.

A source told The London Paper: “Doug pushed the guy away….Someone managed to get him in a headlock before Doug went over and started punching him. Then the groper started to attack Doug and Doug’s pal [fellow The Hills star] Frankie Delgado decided to get involved.”

Paris later told RadarOnline: “There was this drunk guy that tried to grab me and Doug came to my defence. Doug and his friends were only trying to protect me.”

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