Don’t Worry: Keira Knightley Had Terrible Twenties Too

1438816618-screen-shot-2015-08-05-at-71637-pmIf there’s one thing we each consistently believe about celebrities, it’s that their lives are so much easier and more fulfilling than our own. With fame and riches must come happiness, right? And even though somewhere deep inside us we know that it’s a lot harder to be famous — what with paparazzi at every turn waiting for you to leave your house without eyeliner — many of us still believe that our lives would be improved, if only we could be like [insert celeb’s name here].

Keira Knightley proves this isn’t true.

And just like most twenty-somethings who are struggling to find themselves, build a life, and figure out what we want, Keira also didn’t have that great of a time in her twenties. Her comments make us put things into perspective, and remind us we’re not alone.

In her recent interview (and gorgeous cover) with Elle magazine, Keira got really real about her twenties and made us all a little more comfortable with the stress elephant constantly doing the cha-cha on our twenty-something chests:

“My twenties were pretty crap.

My career was absolutely amazing; in fact, I don’t think my career will ever get better than it was in my late teens, early twenties. But as a person, you’re changing so much and you’re trying to figure stuff out. Some people go wild and have a great time and throw caution to the wind, and I was the complete opposite. I was very shy.

It took me a lot of years to try and stop pleasing a lot of people and allow myself to have fun. It’s the difficult thing of getting out of your own head. To stop going, ‘Oh, there’s something I should be doing, there’s a way I should be behaving, I should be dressing….’ All of those shoulds, you can drown in them.”

It’s refreshing to hear a woman so honest about not feeling happy all the time in her twenties, especially someone as fierce, independent, smart, and talented as Keira. How often do we, as twenty-somethings, put so much pressure on ourselves to conform, to go YOLO-ing every weekend, to pretend to be happy all the time, and to make the most of these years when more often, we find ourselves so stressed and confused? Keira’s comments make us feel like it’s normal, which it totally is, and that it’s all going to be okay.

Her comments also shed light on the stigma associated with seeking therapy. She said:

“I’ve totally done therapy. I highly recommend it. I don’t do it at the moment. But in my early twenties when I found everything completely overwhelming, 100 percent, I did it! Are you kidding? I think when you’re in those moments in your life, and you want to get through them…you have to do whatever it is to help you get over it. You have to give it a go. Try anything that might help.”

Hear, hear, Keira!

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