If you don’t know who Instagram model Ashley Lucero is you sure better

Have you ever heard of IG famous Ashley Lucero ?
Well, with over 237,000 followers you sure should!
We got a chance to ask her a few more personal questions and share some of her more famous instagram pics.
See below
what movie scared you the most as a kid?
When I was young nothing scared me. I lived for horror and bloody movies . Kinda sick haha

what’s the first song you knew all the words to?
I knew every Selena song by heart when I was a toddler.

 what’s the biggest lie you have ever told?

Can’t say!

 favorite sports team & why?

I don’t follow sports at all but I root for all New York teams since that’s where I’m from.

how important is fitness in your life?
To be honest I never ever work out and I eat like shit. I was blessed with good genetics and a fast metabolism haha
first thing you do when you wake up?
Lay in bed and check all my emails and social media for like half an hour


which of your instagram pics has gotten the most attention? why do you think it’s the most  popular?
The picture I below. I think that’s the one that I see posted most everywhere, and for obvious reasons haha


what is your year and 2 year goals?
have a lot of goals and plans for this year 2015 keep following me and see! As for 2 years that’s too far in the future to even think about for me!

 please tell us anything else you would like to share with our popcrunch audience.
Just to keep following me and watch out for my upcoming projects this year!
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