Donny Osmond Bethenny Frankel Chastise Jon Gosselin (VIDEO)

Nancy Grace isn’t the only celebrity going off on Jon Gosselin.

Just one day after the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was ripped on national television by the Headline News host, Jon got a sharp tongue-lashing from The Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel and one-time teen heartthrob Donny Osmond on The Insider Wednesday.

While Donny — who has been married for 32 years — lectured the reality star on perserving marriage, Bethenny slammed Jon and Kate for their childish public antics.

“I’m as mad at her as at you,” she told him. “Everyone’s mad at you right now. America has a big problem with the fact that [your kids] are growing up on a television show. You never know what the effects will be 20 years from now,” Bethenny added.

“I think you’re defeated. You need to pull yourself up from your bootstraps and get back to your kids and get your crap together,” . “You need to pull it together.”

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