Donald Trump Proves There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity



If there’s one single thing Donald Trump knows how to do, it’s ruffle feathers. Ever since he officially entered the presidential race as a Republican on Tuesday, June 16th, he has exceeded expectations. Right now, in a saturated field of ~15 GOP presidential hopefuls, Trump is leading in the polls with 24% of the support of registered voters.

The runner-up Jeb Bush is way behind, with only 13%. Donald Trump is enjoying a huge amount of support among his constituents, and it’s hard to believe, with all the negative publicity and media attention he is receiving, that he is the frontrunner in this race.

As it turns out, all this bad publicity is making Donald Trump a more viable candidate. Truly — in his case, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Trump is ruffling feathers and saying half a dozen asinine, offensive and sexist things, but it’s serving little other purpose than to give him an even bigger audience to talk about his platform, and that’s what he wants. He’s using his larger-than-life personality and his give-no-f*cks attitude to talk about the issues, and it’s inexplicably working.

How does Donald Trump offend thee? Let me count the ways.

Most recently, Donald Trump’s gaze alighted upon the goddess incarnate Heidi Klum and said that “she is no longer a 10.” I don’t need to parse exactly why such a statement is absurdly offensive, only that it’s sexist and ageist and just straight-up mean. It’s also irrelevant, and unseemly for a political candidate running for the world’s most important job. Is it respectful to the office of the president to disdain a model’s looks? Obviously not.

Heidi Klum not only took it in stride, but clapped back in a funny, cheeky way that was wholly dismissive of Trump and didn’t allow him the satisfaction of an angry comment. Instead, her response took the form of a 12-second Instagram video showing Trump pulling off a number 10 sign from Klum’s chest, only to reveal that her shirt underneath was emblazoned with a “9.99.” Heidi doesn’t care what Trump thinks, but her response is only making Trump more visible.

Check out the hysterical response here:

Despite all this — or perhaps, because of it Donald Trump is the most trusted and popular GOP candidate among Republican voters today. According to a recent poll, 45% say they trust Trump more than any other candidate on the economy; 44% say they trust him on illegal immigration; and 32% say they trust him to handle ISIS. Those are staggering numbers that no other candidate comes close to having.

So inadvertently, Heidi Klum and the other casualties of his forked tongue are helping Trump along with his lofty political aspirations.

It makes total sense if you think about it — have you had such exposure to any other candidate’s stance on these issues? Which candidate have you been aware of more than any other? Not Kasich, Fiorina, Walker, Paul, Rubio, Bush, or even Christie, who has a similar blunt demeanor. Trump is the loudest, and in a saturated field like this, the loudest voice is often the only one you hear.

Lisa Lo Paro
Lisa is a freelance writer and bibliophile living on the outskirts of New York City. She likes 2 a.m. with a good book, takes cream in her coffee and heavily filters her photos. Check out her blog The Most Happy, her Instagram, and Twitter.

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