Donald Trump: Obama Caused Riots By Taking Away Jobs; Failed To Stop Them By Being Black

Donald Trump has a history of saying things that defy logic, but today’s series of tweets combine an unbelievable level of racism with an incomprehensible level of mental gymnastics. Somehow, Trump seems to believe that the cause of protests and riots in Baltimore is due to Obama denying people jobs and setting a poor example.

Trump can be counted on to find a way to blame President Obama. To be honest, Twitter’s character count may be the only reason he didn’t somehow connect this to denying the President’s American citizenship.

So, shame on Obama for not causing this not to happen, somehow. The inherent racism in that tweet, though, is the most astounding. Specifically, Obama’s skin color is supposed to prevent riots, maybe because Trump thinks riots are just a black thing? (NY Mag says he’s completely wrong.)

Trump’s willing to spread the blame around, though — he blames the Baltimore police, too.

Oh, and the mayor.

He’s even got time for a dig against social programs, and the president’s crusade against the unemployment rate.

He may not be aware that many protestors are indeed employed, and that leaders of the movement include pastors, school administrators, and other leaders who are tired of seeing people die.

As for social programs, maybe he’s missing some statistics there, too. Check out the Washington Post for the numbers: 36% of food stamp recipients are white, and 22% are black.

There’s no excuse for racism — association riots with black people, assuming that black people are the ones on food stamps, and assuming that black protestors don’t have jobs.

However, Trump has a solution. The President should just go to Baltimore, and make people see reason. At least in this, Trump wants Obama to address ‘both sides,’ so presumably he’s expected to tell police to stop shooting people, as well as telling civilians to stop rioting.

We can give him credit for another thing, too: he says he’d do it himself.

He doesn’t appear to be on his way, though. So, if anyone is heading to Baltimore and wants to offer Donald Trump a ride, he’s got some riots to quell.

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