Donald Trump Appears on Jimmy Fallon, Shatters Records [WATCH]

As we’ve already witnessed for the past few months, Donald Trump is making waves during these early months of the 2016 presidential election. With every snarky, inappropriate comment he makes, Trump’s numbers rise, somewhat inexplicably. Right now, it seems like Trump can do no wrong.

In fact, Republican presidential candidates now see Trump as their ticket to higher numbers, a larger platform, and therefore more exposure during this early race. Both the likes of Bobby Jindal and Carly Florina have “poked the sleeping dragon,” so to speak—criticizing Trump in an effort to rile him, get airtime, and therefore engage a wider audience of voters. Banking on Trump is seen as a sure-fire way to success, and now, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has seen the same effect.

Donald Trump appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday, Sept. 11th. The show opened with a skit in which Jimmy Fallon, dressed as Donald Trump, interviews the real Donald Trump in a mirror. The best line from that skit was, “Me interviewing me? That’s what I call a great idea.”

Besides that opening skit, Trump also used the appearance on The Tonight Show to talk even further about his platform and ideas, as well as what it means to him to be a New Yorker. The show aired on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, so patriotism and emotions were running high in the New York audience. Trump said, “There is a great strength and resilience we have in this country. We have amazing people.”

What’s truly amazing is that Trump’s appearance on The Tonight Show broke records, proving what we probably already knew: that people want to see and hear Trump speak in any medium. According to preliminary Nielsen estimates, Friday’s broadcast drew in a whopping 4.5 million viewers, the highest for a Friday broadcast since Feb. 28, 2014, which was shortly after Jimmy Fallon took over the show.

It looks like even the Tonight Show team is banking on Donald Trump to give their ratings a boost, just like every other television news organization in America right now. Giving Trump airtime gets ratings, because people just can’t wait to see what he’ll say next. But those who are less than fans of Trump will possibly be exasperated with the tendency of television to show Trump, because it gives him an even bigger platform, and an ever-growing following of loyal voters. Can Trump truly win the Republican nomination?

As the numbers stand at the time of publication, Donald Trump is leading the team of Republican hopefuls with 33% of the vote, with Ben Carson just behind at almost half (~17%).

The appearance on Jimmy Fallon has likely helped Trump even more, as it has helped the talk show.

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