Does Lindsay Lohan Have A Crush On Paris Hilton?

Famed frenemies Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are back on speaking terms after rekindling their friendship, but according to The National Enquirer, Lindsay’s fiery loins burn for more than just a platonic reunion.

A so-called “source” says Lindsay — whose previous feminine conquests came in the form of celebrity spinner Samantha Ronson — has a huge crush on the washed-up reality star who once famously christened her with quite an unflattering nickname: Firecrotch.

“Lindsay chased after her several years ago and now that they’re friends again, she’s more attracted to her than ever,” whispers a snitch. “She thinks Paris is the coolest person on the planet. Lindsay gets really giggly and bashful around Paris, and she’s constantly flirting with her. Paris is a natural flirt as well, and the rekindled relationship has raised eyebrows throughout Hollywood. It’s unlikely Paris would be interested in anything more than a friendship, but she loves being the object of affection and attention.”

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