Dodge hits a homerun with Paul Harvey ‘Farm’ Ad


There were some hits and misses last night but Twitter and Facebook seemed to explode when Dodge Ram aired their tribute to the American Farmer. The ad, which featured still photos of American famers featured Paul Harvey’s distinctive voice as he delivered “So Gpd Made a Farmer” at the 1978 National Future Farmers of America Convention.

“For the past two years, we have used the largest television viewing audience to highlight the pride, the resilience and the determination that form an integral part of the American character,” Sergio Marchionne, chairman and CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, said in a release.

One tweet that caught our eye was from Parks & Rec star, Rob Lowe who said, “God made a farmer. Yes. Not hip, no gimmicks. Not trying to be funny. Just great. #SuperBowl”

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