Doctored Community Service Records Leave Chris Brown with Some ‘Splainin’ to Do

He’s off the hook criminally for that parking lot brawl with singer Frank Ocean, but Chris Brown’s legal troubles are hardly in the rearview. The Los Angeles County District Attorney has filed legal documents claiming the bad boy crooner has violated his probation by submitting bogus community service records.

According to the motion, the records submitted to prove Brown finished the community labor sentenced by Virginia authorities contain numerous discrepancies and that the singer was left virtually unsupervised. The charge could have serious implications for Brown’s five-year term of probation.

Chris pleaded guilty to assaulting and threatening girlfriend Rihanna during a heated argument in a car in February 2009. He was placed on five years probation and ordered to complete community service. Brown — who has since reunited with Rihanna — has one more year of probation left to serve over the highly sensational incident.

Prosecutors will recommend Wednesday that Brown’s probation be revoked over the sketchy community service log. He could also face additional misdemeanor penalties.

According to

“We’ve learned the D.A. is alleging in legal docs Chris Brown may have LIED when he claimed he has performed all of his community service in connection with the Rihanna beating case. Bryan T. Norwood, the Chief of Police in Richmond, VA., wrote a letter to the judge on September 14, claiming Brown successfully completed 202 days of community service — he was only required to perform 180. Norwood attached documents showing that Brown frequently worked at Tappahannock Children’s Center — a place where Brown’s mom was once a director — and did odd jobs such as painting, washing windows, waxing floors, cutting grass and picking up trash. The judge was suspicious when the document was filed, and sources tell us the D.A. began investigating and found no ‘credible, competent or verifiable evidence’ that Brown did the 180 days community service.”

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