DJ Steve Angello Rep: Doug & Paris Brawl Story “False”

Paris Hilton

A publicist for DJ Steve Angello is calling Paris Hilton and her new chew toy, Doug Reinhardt, liars after the couple accused the club mixer of inciting an assault on the heiress and a brawl between Doug and a security guard during a party at the Fountainebleu Hotel in Miami early Friday.

Surely you guys have heard about this by now–it’s the usual tomfoolery that seems to follow Paris and her victims to whatever city has the misfortune of hosting them–but you can read Steve and Paris’ very different accounts of what happened here.

According to DJ Steve’s camp, it was the heiress who started the drama when she stomped into the spinner’s booth and arrogantly demaded that he alter his playlist.

“Their ‘story’ is not what happened at all,” Matt Learmouth, a rep for DJ Steve Agnello, said in a statement to PopCrunch on Friday. “She berated the DJ -Steve Angello – constantly asking him to play hip hop. The guy is a dance/electro dj, as a ‘musician’ she should know better than to stop an artist playing their music – especially at their own party (it was his event at LIV with DJ AM).”

“He refused, her bodyguard smacked him in the face, then Steve fought back against the guard. Wouldn’t normally do anything with stories like this, but her security overstepped the mark, and she’s putting out false info.”

Thoughts on this?

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