DJ Samantha Ronson Friendship Sparks Mary-Kate Olsen Lesbian Rumors Fears

Mary-Kate Olsen wants no mistakes about it-she likes penis! One-half of the media moguling Olsen Twins, who turned twenty-two this Friday the 13th, fears her friendship with Lindsay Lohan’s rumored lesbian lover, as well as a jealous LiLo’s own suspicions about the nature of that “friendship,” will open her up as a target of the same carpet-munching rumors surrounding Lindsay.

“Mary-Kate is freaked out that she has been associated with this affair and could in any way be considered a lesbian,” a snitch tells Star. “She can’t wait to find a new boyfriend so she can prove that she’s into guys. She does not want to be grouped into that romance in any way, shape or form!”

The Star insider says MK’s paranoia about lesbian rumors could result in an end to the Olsen/Ronson friendship:

“Mary-Kate has been friends with Samantha for a long time and she doesn’t want to end the friendship just because of speculation. She doesn’t know what to do.”

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