DJ Samantha Ronson Blasts Candy Spelling In Open Letter

DJ Samantha Ronson, you know, Lindsay Lohan’s butch GF, is a little disturbed by all of Candy Spelling’s TMZ open letters to croch-flashing celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The NYC spindoctor is sounding off on Candy via her Myspace Blog.

Closed Letter

i don’t understand the idea of writing an open letter to someone via a gossip website…. it was weird when she knew the person- though- i’m not sure if it’s stranger to write an open letter to someone you know- or someone you don’t know- either way it’s insane! that would be like sending your father a father’s day card through your local newspaper… i don’t get it…. although it is nice to see old people using modern technology- on second thought she probably has some underpaid and overworked young girl taking dictation.

does she honestly think anyone cares what she has to say? wait… do u think people care what she has to say? maybe there is a market for her…. hmmm, maybe somewhere in texas, perhaps? i mean shouldn’t she focus on her own children???? doesn’t seem to me like she is all set on the home front…. but there is not one part of me that feels the need to send her an open letter- if i was gonna send an open letter to anyone it would be to joni mitchell and would start a little like this….

dear joni mitchell,
you’re awesome…..

i wouldn’t send an open or closed letter though- i think i would just put on one of her cds and enjoy…. hmmm, that’s a thought…. have a good one everyone!!! xoxo

Sam’s got a point. Isn’t Candy the same ‘mature woman’ who spent over a year not speaking to her firstborn and only daughter (Tori) over an inheritance?

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