Diva Jennifer Lopez Controlling Marc Anthony


Marc Anthony is whipped. Employees and boutique sales associates aren’t the only ones routinely subjected to the wrath of J. Lo, a new Star Magazine report reveals. It’s her way or no way when it comes to the divalicious Boricua’s marriage to Latin singing star Marc Anthony; and Jennifer likes to run a tight ship, tabloid spies say.

“…She uses Marc as an extra set of arms-but only ends up criticizing him. Marc doesn’t dare to ever question her strict guidelines,” an insider says sharply.

In fact, Jenn’s got an entire list of demands for her personal manny, including wrapping twins Max and Emme’s bottles in “special blankets.” So that she may get a full night of sleep, the Selena star requires that Marc be on-call to care for the kids between 10 p.m and 8 a.m.

“He has fallen so far down on her list of priorities that he is practically invisible.”

Jennifer even picks coordinates her husband’s outfits!

“At first he was happy that Jennifer dressed him, but now he has no say at all in what he wears.”


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