Diva Courteney Cox Terrorizing Set Of “Cougar Town”

Courteney Cox Cougar Town Diva
Sources on the set of Cougar Town claim Cox is a real dick….
Has the success of her new ABC comedy Cougar Town gone to Courteney Cox’s head? The 45-year-old former Friends star is winning rave reviews for her portrayal of a single mother trying to land a younger man on the ratings winning Wednesday night series, but word is Courteney is such a control freak, workers on the Cougar Town routinely try to avoid her!

“Courteney is the star of the show and very domineering. She gives off this ‘I’m important and you’re not’ vibe,” a crew member — who asked not to be identified tells The National Enquirer. “Courteney makes a huge number of script changes to make her character look good, and she is extremely picky about everything on the show,” the spy adds.

A craft services employee allegedly felt Court’s wrath after her ham and cheese sandwich making skills failed to pass muster:

“Courteney ranted at her and said, ‘Everyone knows you are supposed to have equal parts of ham and cheese in a sandwich!'”

A wardrobe worker also claims she was terrorized by the brunette after she had the brazen audacity to offer Courteney just three clothing options for a last minute scene; the star was insistent that she have at least five outfits to choose from

“Courteney got so mad and told her she would be back in 10 minutes, saying, ‘If you don’t have what I requested, you’d better not show up next time,'” says a tattle.

“Her code names are ‘Mother Hen’ or ‘Cougar Queen.’ That seems like all we hear all day. ‘Mother Hen’ needs a pick-up or ‘Cougar Queen’ is on her way to makeup. Everyone jokes that it’s Courteney’s way on the highway.”

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